How To Play.

Wondering what all the fuss is about?

The following is a guide to tipping on the I Tipped This sports tipping website. We understand there are new concepts here that make our site more advanced and interesting than other sites but also can be quite confusing for first time users. We find after 4 or 5 rounds you will be more confident in understanding how the line tips work, why they are set at .5 until 2 full days (injuries and reports are all in) before the first game of the round starts and how the risk reward of our tipping system far outweighs the conventional tipping sites. Please feel free to email us if you have any issues or concerns.

Line Tipping

The below image has Collingwood's line set at "Win by 0.5 or more" and Carlton's line set at "Lose by upto 0.5 or Win". The lines are not set until 2 days before the first match of the round starts, as most known injuries and reports have been canvassed. We do not change the lines once they are set!!

What is a line tip? There are two different ways to tip. The conventional or Head to Head (HTH) method where you pick a winner only OR a line tip. A correct HTH or "Win Only" tip will receive 1 point if correct or 0 points if incorrect. A correct Line tip will receive 2 points if correct and -1 if incorrect. The total possible points spread in a 9 games per round scenario is -9 to 18.

So how does a line tip work? Lets use the below as an example. As you can see the line is at 25.5 points and because Collingwood has the head start they are the favourites. If I tip Collingwood on the line "Win by 25.5 or more" and they win by 26 points or more I receive 2 points. But if Collingwood win by 25 points or less OR Carlton win I receive -1 points for that game.

If I tip Carlton on the line "Lose by upto 25.5 or Win" and they lose by 25 points or LESS or WIN I receive 2 points. If Collingwood win by 26 points or more then I receive -1 points for that game.

Risk Versus Reward! So will you play it safe or take on the competition?

Longest Run

Simply select the teams you think will win each week. You can select no teams, 1 team or all 9 teams, the choice is yours.

One wrong selection however, and your run is over. Don't despair, just get back on board and start again. We'll take your Longest Run for the year.

The Tipster with the highest number of correct selections, will bring home the major prize.


Each week select a team you think will win and click the "Save Knockout" button. Once you select that team they will NOT reappear in the combo box again until all teams have been selected. Your selections will then all start again. Note the team saved to the database has the ** next to it.

The person left standing at the end will win the prize. Can you outlast everyone by getting it right each week?


The top 8 tipsters from the Home and Away season will go into the Final's series.

This competition mirrors the final's system for the relevant code. You will play off against one tipster each week, culminating in the Grand Final.

The tipster left standing after the Grand Final will take home the major prize.

Final's tipping will become available when the final's commence.

Final Fling

At the end of the Home and Away season ALL tipsters will start off the "Final Fling" with the points they have accumulated over the Home and Away season.

You can use all your points, or a part of them for each final's game. Double up or take it easy each game, the choice is yours.

The Tipster with the most points at the end of the final's series wins.

Final Fling selections will be available once the final's series commences and we have transferred your Final Fling starting balances.