About Us.

About the people behind I Tipped This

Humble Beginnings

I Tipped This started from humble beginnings over 10 years ago in a "back yard" tipping competition created by Simon, our tipping grandmaster.

Simon started the site by using outlook as the first interface, then had a mate build a primitive website with simple interface and reporting.

The passion regained for tipping by the few experiencing the 'ITT' format, provided a catalyst for a group of friends to form a partnership and bring I Tipped This to the sporting public.

It was then rehashed with new competitions including the Longest Run, The Top 8 Finals and Final Fling. With the help of some mathematical genius reporting also grew.

With each year the site gradually became more professional.

During this time, our loyal tippers over that 9 year period kept pushing us to go big time, and it's their love and continued support that have given us the determination to get where we are today.

Current day

We believe there is no other Sports Tipping site in the market today that gives you as many chances to win prizes and multiple competitions as I Tipped This.

Our tipping system is truely unique and its time to share it with the sporting community.

Our philosophy here at I Tipped This is simple be the best sports tipping site available.

We encourage you to get involved, regain your passion for tipping, and get your friends involved.

With I Tipped This you can't go wrong. But most importantly you will regain a love for tipping in the sport we all love best.